Is it ever ok for guests to wear white to a wedding?

This has been a high topic of discussion amongst guests when deciding on what to wear for a wedding. And trust me I have been privy to a fair share of arguments where the guest is wearing a shade of cream or a hint of ivory. On the blog today I am going to discuss this topic and try and come to a concrete decision on whether one is considered a ‘bad guest’ for wearing white.

Nowadays guests are allowed to wear white to a wedding as long as the dress is not overly bridal looking (tulle, lace, etc.) However, I personally would stay clear from the colour. Why is this? Simply, because it’s the bride’s day and she really should stand out in the crowd in more ways than one. Call it custom or fashion protocol… but this is one day in 365 where you should choose a different colour (this includes white, cream, beige, eggshell, any light colour that can be compared to white).

There is some grey area where you can make your own judgment call:

  • If it’s a very non-traditional wedding, where the bride is not strict on the dress code.
  • If your dress is partly white – such as a white bodice with a coloured skirt.
  • If your dress has a white background with an all-over print of a different color.
  • If the dress code is white – Sometimes a couple will request that their wedding guests all wear white. Beyonce and Jay Z did this exact thing for their 2008 wedding in New York, or a bride may want guests wearing white for a beach wedding.

Personally even if I know that the bride was completely unfazed by my dress code, I know that I would be scanning the room wondering who is giving me the evil eye. And trust me… there will be a group of your girlfriends huddled in a corner discussing how disrespectful you are. But if that doesn’t bother you and you know that the bride is unbothered, then by all means, walk the plank my friend! But if not… then I would find another dress pronto!

Jemma-Jade x

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