A London Engagement Party

The event we would like to share with you today is the gorgeous engagement party of a very special couple which we had the pleasure of planning.

The party was set in the home of the bride-to–be, which meant that we were presented the exciting challenge of transforming a house into an unrecognizable party venue!

When throwing a party in one’s home, it is important to work with your surroundings in order to decide on the party’s colour palette, which architectural features to make use of and accentuate, and the best layout to adopt.

Given the beautiful London summer weather, we decided to split the party into two areas. We had a gorgeous al fresco feel outside where guests could relax under the stars, and, inside, a dancing and bar area to stage the main party. This ensured a lovely flow to the evening and avoided packing all the guests into one room. A truly dynamic party, blending the energy of the festivities inside with the Zen of the guests enjoying themselves on the terrace!

We concentrated on the house’s main assets, namely its stunning outdoor area and its breath-taking fireplace with a gorgeous chandelier hanging above. These served as the evening’s two main centrepieces helping us to decide where our décor would go.

So you’ve heard the thought process behind the magic. Now let’s reveal it!

As guests entered the house they were immediately guided toward the staircase where they were welcomed by an opulent floral arch adorning the doorway to the terrace. The arch measured at a whopping 22ft and was filled with the most glorious roses, orchids and other beautiful flowers in hues of purple and pink. This piece created a real wow factor when entering the party and provided a great backdrop for photos! See below!

It being June we erected a tent covering the entire terrace area to allow guests to revel in the warm summer air outside. Guests were treated to champagne and Bellini popsicles served from a vintage tricycle.

Upon entering the dance/drinks area our guests were asked to place their best date night suggestions in a jar for the newly engaged couple.

A personalised calligraphy mirror guided guests to the different areas of the party and provided a magnificent backdrop for photos. In order to further capture their imagination, we positioned two beautifully rich chrome urns bursting with the radiance of selected flowers and foliage’s either side of the fireplace. A caricaturist was on hand to give guests a keepsake from the party.

Guests were treated to a candy station with edible floral lollipops, chocolates, marshmallows, biscuits and many more tasty treats. We then had personalized cocktails served at the couple’s bespoke bar.

Even when the clock struck twelve the party was not at an end. Instead, we had a surprise heart-shaped cake brought to the bride and groom-to-be to celebrate. With the bride and groom-to-be, guests and all concerned eager to savor the moment, the party continued to the early hours of morning.

If you have been inspired when reading then please contact us to discuss our services and your celebration in greater detail.

Jemma-Jade x

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